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Credit Suisse Invest

The Art of a Perfect Blend

Credit Suisse Invest, a human-led technology enabled advisory mandate, provides a structured portfolio based approach to investing. You will be able to leverage the views of the Credit Suisse Chief Investment Office and receive contextualized investment advice tailored to your risk profile. In addition, Credit Suisse Invest will monitor and provide you with a monthly update on the quality of your portfolio through our proprietary Credit Suisse portfolio quality score.

Combining Technology with Human Touch

With Credit Suisse Invest, we place the all-round expertise of our globally networked investment professionals at your fingertips. Linked directly to our award-winning Credit Suisse PB APAC app, Credit Suisse Invest clients can also gain exclusive access to features such as personalized investment ideas and portfolio analytics via this platform.

Combining Technology with Human Touch

Overview of Credit Suisse Invest

Create the perfect blend to achieve your financial goals. This video is also available in Mandarin (简体中文 or 繁體中文) and Cantonese (繁體中文).

With Credit Suisse Invest, you can:

  • Enjoy direct access to the views of the Credit Suisse Chief Investment Office
  • Obtain professional advice from experts
  • Personalize your investment strategy in line with your risk profile
  • Benefit from regular monitoring through monthly portfolio quality reports
  • Customize the type of investment ideas you would like to receive
  • Receive regular up-to-date information and investment ideas to act on
  • Implement changes in your portfolio in a timely manner
  • Expect alignment of interests through a transparent fee structure
  • Gain access to lower cost, retrocession free share classes where available