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Corporate Advisory Solutions

We are a specialist team providing corporate advisory services to ultra and high net worth individuals, private businesses and small to mid-cap listed companies.

Corporate Advisory Solutions is unique, established in May 2008 to further strengthen the Private Banking capabilities of Credit Suisse in the Australian small to mid-cap segment. We assist clients with executing corporate transactions, providing advice in the following areas:

  • Mergers and acquisitions (M&A)
  • Divestments
  • Capital raisings (debt, equity and mezzanine)
  • Corporate advice and strategy
  • Business valuations

Please see our full list of Corporate Advisory Solutions services PDF (64 KB).

We'd Like to Meet You

To arrange a meeting or find out more, please call us at +61 2 8205 4888 (Sydney) or
+61 3 9280 1808 (Melbourne). Alternatively, use our contact form and we'll contact you.

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To arrange a meeting or find out more, please contact us:

Joseph Azoulay

+61 3 9280 1792

Fraser Herd

+61 2 8205 4996

Sew Lee - Asian Market 亚洲业务市场

+61 2 8205 4275

Michael Marr

+61 2 8205 4942


Alternatively, you can use our special form to request that we contact you.


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