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Wear It Now, a national retailer of women's clothes, shoes and accessories, was founded 30 years ago and now boasts 31 stores. To continue store growth, the founder, Sarah, needs to tie up more money in the business.

Over time, Sarah's children have worked in various parts of the company. For many years, she has debated around the dinner table whether to sell or keep developing Wear It Now. The business has produced a good lifestyle yet the family's main wealth is locked up. Sarah would rather enjoy the wealth now and also provide her children some funds.

Sarah often listens to the advice of family and friends. A close friend cautioned her not to underestimate the effort involved in selling a business. The friend recommended using corporate advisers, in particular, the Corporate Advisory Solutions team at Credit Suisse.

Corporate transactions can take months of planning and execution. We assist from beginning to end by taking care of the details.

  • We ask the key critical questions to prepare our clients for sale
  • Determine a variety of quality complementary buyers
  • Identify risks
  • Prepare key marketing documents
  • Manage all transaction issues and third parties and
  • Lead all negotiations

Credit Suisse Value

Selling businesses for owners like Sarah is what we do. Our team can bring a wealth of experience, resources and business relationships to assist clients like Wear It Now with maximizing their transactional outcome, and the Private Banking team can assist with managing the family's wealth.

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