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Charlie is a CFO for the Australian subsidiary of a large US-listed corporation. He is skeptical of the financial planning industry in Australia as he doesn't think the financial planners have sufficient experience or technical knowledge to help him with his foreign currency exposure of USD from his employer's stock, a global employee share option plan, with complicated vesting scales and tax elections. So he'd rather do it himself, when he has time between work, overseas and interstate business travel, and spending time with the family.

Charlie also has his own Aussie equity portfolio that he has built up over the years. It contains some good and some not so good investments. He still has some debt on his holiday house and thought it could be tax deductible. Charlie has also been meaning to get around to sorting out his will and insurance. His friends have self-managed super funds, but he hasn't got around to that yet. He also knows that a family trust would be beneficial.

Charlie needs a Private Banker - someone who can review his entire situation and manage the various stakeholders so he can build with confidence for the future. At Credit Suisse our Relationship Managers fit that role.

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Once the plan is set, our Credit Suisse research and portfolio managers build investment portfolios using a combination of direct stocks, managed funds, and investment ideas from the Credit Suisse investment universe. There are no commissions or trails, no platform fees, no selling the house fund manager's funds, and no difficult to understand fee structures. Our structured products and lending specialists can provide easily understood caps and floors to protect Charlies USD employer stock and lend in USD should Charlie's plan deem appropriate.

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