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Simon, Stacey and their two children (all Australian citizens) have been overseas for the past seven years and are currently living in Hong Kong. They plan to return to Australia in a few months and will move into their Australian home that is mortgage-free.

They have built up an investment portfolio in both Australia (investment property and shares) and Hong Kong (listed shares along with shares and options in his employer's company). Simon is aware that a move back to Australia will bring with it tax complications and wants to ensure this is managed in the best way possible. Simon commenced working with Private Banking on the family's financial situation and goals, and also worked with the Wealth Planning team on strategies to assist in the transition back to Australia. They also discussed the need to engage a tax specialist, as Simon would require specific advice on the implications for each different asset once he becomes a tax resident of Australia.

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The relationship that Private Banking has with a major accounting firm meant that the Relationship Manager was able to identify and set up a meeting with an appropriate tax specialist. By working closely with the tax specialists, the Relationship Manager was able to deliver the financial advice to Simon and his family was provided in a seamless manner. The tax advice Simon received was then used to ensure the investment plan would provide the best possible outcome for him and his family.

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