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Comprehensive investment advice tailored to your needs.

Comprehensive investment advice tailored to your needs

In Australia, our Private Banking offerings are especially attractive to executives, business owners, sophisticated investors and entrepreneurs. The following case studies provide insight into how Private Banking helps develop solutions for our clients. All case studies are fictional and are used for the purpose of illustration only.

Busy Professional


"Charlie is a CFO for the Australian subsidiary of a large US listed Corporation. He is skeptical of the financial planning industry in Australia as he doesn't think the financial planners have sufficient experience or technical knowledge to help him."



"Andrew is 37 years old and is the Chief Executive Officer of a software company in Sydney. He recently sold his company to a listed multinational firm based in the USA and admits that he is poor at delegating tasks, having taken a hands-on roll in the success of the company."

Returning Expatriate


"Simon, Stacey and their two children (all Australian citizens) have been overseas for the past 7 years and are currently living in Hong Kong. Simon is aware that a move back to Australia will bring with it tax complications and wants to ensure this is managed in the best way possible."

Selling a Business


"Wear it Now, a national retailer of women's clothes, shoes and accessories, has been operating for 30 years. The founder is not sure whether she wants to sell, yet is keen to enjoy her wealth now."

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