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Andrew is 37 years old and is the CEO of a software company in Sydney. He recently sold his company to a listed multinational firm based in the USA, and admits that he is poor at delegating tasks, having taken a hands-on role in the success of the company.

The sale of his business has significantly changed his lifestyle and he is looking for professional guidance as to how to protect and grow his newfound wealth. As condition of the sale, Andrew was compensated in USD and shares that have a vesting period.

Coupled with this primary goal, he believes that by combining his entrepreneurial skill set with that of the Corporate Advisory Solutions team he can help maximize his potential for returns by making strategic investments in private companies.

His previous investment experience has been solely through the ownership of his company. He is working with Credit Suisse to help him formally structure a long-term wealth plan to protect his assets and ensure that his family is provided for.

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Private Banking will help Andrew address the following concerns:

  • Wealth Planning: Including reviewing the suitability of trusts, superannuation and working in conjunction with his lawyers and accountants.
  • Work with the team of currency specialists in Private Banking to maximize his foreign currency holdings and mitigate fluctuation.
  • Partner with the Corporate Advisory Solutions team to help identify opportunities within unlisted private companies who are looking for strategic investors.

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