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PrimeTrade - Connectivity

PrimeTradeSMcan be easily accessed around the world via the public Internet on a 24-hour, 6-day a week basis. PrimeTrade will work with ISDN, VPN, or Frame Relay line. The size of the line required will depend upon the number of users on the client side.

Users connecting via the Internet can be assured that PrimeTrade incorporates the highest level of security. All traffic is protected with SSL (secure-socket layer) encryption, and users must be authenticated by the Credit Suisse's firewall by using a unique user name and password.


As with any internet application, the reliability and performance of PrimeTrade depends on the quality of service provided by your Internet Service Provider (ISP), and overall conditions on the Internet.

Another option is to access PrimeTrade via a secure dedicated frame-relay line to the Credit Suisse TCP/IP network. This type of access provides a guaranteed bandwidth.

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