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Credit Suisse Equities (Australia) Limited (CSEAL) is obligated under ASIC Market Integrity Rules (Competition in Exchange Markets) 2011 (“the Rules”) to disclose specific Crossing System information and make it publically available from 10 November 2013.

Crossing System Disclosure

  • CrossFinder™ Australia is operated by Credit Suisse Equities (Australia) Limited (CSEAL) under identifier code 1101.
  • CrossFinder™ Australia has been operating since April 2006 for private orders and May 2009 for public orders.
  • Any ASX listed cash equity product can be traded on the system by any CSEAL client.
  • All users of CrossFinder™ Australia trade on the same basis. There are no special arrangements for any particular user or class of users.
  • Clients of CrossFinder™ Australia may include other aggregator services and crossing system providers, institutional clients that include assets managers, mutual funds, hedge funds, electronic liquidity providers and CSEAL’s own orders.
  • Clients of CSEAL can connect to CrossFinder™ Australia via any of the following routes:
    > Direct FIX connection
    > From CSEAL’s Advanced Execution Services algorithms.
  • CrossFinder™ Australia accepts orders from aggregators and other crossing systems listed below:
    > ITG Australia Ltd (ASIC Code - 3451) - Orders are received from this operator only.
    > Instinet Australia Pty Limited (ASIC Code 2171) – Orders are received from this operator only.

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