Equities Algorithmic Trading (AES®)

Algorithmic Trading (AES®)

Advanced Execution Services (AES®) is Credit Suisse's award-winning suite of algorithmic trading strategies, tools and analytics for global trading across equities, options, futures and foreign exchange.

  • AES® Equities: Core suite of equity algorithmic and direct market access strategies that provide quality execution in over 40 markets globally.
  • AES® Futures: Direct market access and algorithmic strategies available on almost every major futures exchange in the world both for outright and spread markets.
  • AES® Options: Simultaneous, anonymous access to all US-listed options exchanges through a product offering consisting of both single and complex options trading strategies.
  • AES® into Swap: Swap execution across global equities with integrated front-to-back reporting. 
  • AES® FX: Market-leading suite of algorithmic trading strategies, tools, and analytics for global trading in foreign exchange (FX) markets.
  • AES® Rates: Pioneering suite of single-leg and multi-leg algorithms for US Treasuries, providing access to our aggregated internal and external liquidity. 
  • Credit Suisse LiveEx Bonds: Fully automated firm pricing for corporate bonds offering consistent liquidity for a wide range of instruments.