Learn valuable insights into the investment opportunities available from the following topics at the Credit Suisse Global Supertrends Forum on 9 September 2020.

Welcome remarks
  • Mr. Michael Marr, Head of Private Bank Australia, Credit Suisse

Introduce keynote speaker


Keynote presentation: The future of stock returns

Jonathan will provide his insights into the upcoming US election and what it means for a global and Australian audience. But more importantly, he will share his views on how demographics have been driving global markets and how COVID-19 has accelerated that process.


Keynote presentation: The threats of today and tomorrow

Admiral Rogers has been at the forefront of cyber security and the protection of national security. He will discuss the alarming rise in the proliferation of threats to national, global and personal security. It will be a fascinating insight into the state and corporate actors who are shaping our newest Supertrend theme – Anxious Societies.


Panel: Technology leaders in a post-pandemic world

Will COVID-19 accelerate the uptake of robotics and AI universally across the work force as most pundits are predicting or is the story more complex than that and what are the consequences for the jobs of the future? The panel brings together two leaders in the field of technology and robotics for a lively discussion of the societal consequences, both positive and negative, of innovation and automation.


Panel: The future of food – capitalism with a conscience

One of the many challenges facing the world is not only how to feed a global population predicted to hit 11 billion by the end of this century, but to do it in a sustainable way that is friendly to the environment, uses scarce water resources responsibly and maintains the integrity and security of the foods we like to consume. The answers lie in a complex mix of digitisation, efficiency, new business and agricultural models on land and water, and the ability to adapt to a changing climate.



Pulling it all together: The impact of Supertrends



*Sessions times are in AEST. Timing is approximate and subject to change.