Learn valuable insights into the investment opportunities available from the following topics at the Credit Suisse Global Supertrends Forum on 28 October 2021.


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Will the COVID-19 pandemic prove to be the great inflection point of our time?

  • Dr. Parag Khanna, best-selling author, globally strategy advisor and futurist
  • Moderator: Julia Baird, Author and broadcaster

Will COVID-19 accelerate the uptake of robotics and AI universally across the work force as most pundits are predicting or is the story more complex than that and what are the consequences for the jobs of the future? The panel brings together two leaders in the field of technology and robotics for a lively discussion of the societal consequences, both positive and negative, of innovation and automation.


Panel I: Sustainable transport in a decarbonising World: Are electric vehicles the answer?

  • Kara Frederick, Managing Director, Tiger Financial Group, and Director elect for the anticipated listing of Tritium
  • Annie Liu, Non-Executive Director, Vulcan Energy and ex Head of Battery and Energy Supply Chains, Tesla
  • Moderator: Julia Baird, Author and broadcaster

Innovation in new mobility technologies has grown exponentially over the last decade, so much so that we now have a range of new energy cars: battery electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles, and fuel cell electric vehicles. We also have new energy commercial vehicles, buses, two/three-wheeled vehicles, all with potential applications for autonomous driving and shared mobility. Our panel will discuss the infrastructure, technology and materials required to support these new forms of transport. How essential are electric vehicles for the decarbonisation of the world economy and what are the hurdles to the general adoption of EV technology?

Kara will reflect on the obstacles to general acceptance of EVs, and how Tritium has grown from a Brisbane start up to world leader in fast charging technology. Annie is uniquely placed to reflect on the supply chain issues that need to be overcome. She will provide insight as to how Tesla views the role of EV’s in decarbonisation, how the company is meeting the challenge and the importance that the environmental costs of EV production are measured and controlled.


Panel II: Infrastructure, where are the opportunities and how is the emphasis on sustainable infrastructure changing the investment landscape?

  • Vittorio Lacagnina, Head Private Infrastructure Business Development, Member of Management
  • Aaron McGovern, Executive Director, Infrastructure, IFM Investors
  • Moderator: Andrew McAuley, Chief Investment Officer Australia, Credit Suisse

As the world emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic, we expect developed and emerging countries to make an even greater effort to strengthen the backbone of their economies by overhauling vital transport, power and telecom systems. Moreover, efforts are underway to build resilient infrastructure to enable the achievement of carbon neutrality and to replace outdated transport infrastructure that poses safety hazards. Our panel will highlight where they see opportunities, and where value can be found in a world where the cost of money is cheap.


Concluding remarks: The Impact of Supertrends

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