Speakers Prof. Dr. Joanne Hackett

Prof. Dr. Joanne Hackett

Chief Commercial Officer, Genomics England

Lito Camacho

Professor Joanne Hackett is the Chief Commercial Officer at Genomics England and lead member of the Business and Investment Committee since April 2017.

She is responsible for Genomics England’s industry engagement strategy by developing, managing and accelerating relationships with commercial organisations − creating opportunities for collaboration both nationally and globally. She is also Chief Scientific Officer with Hackett Biologics for a decade since 2008. 

She is a clinical academic and holds MSc from King's College London, PhD from University of New Brunswick. She was a Postdoctoral Fellow with Ottawa Hospital Research Institute in 2008-2010. She also holds a profession with University of Cambridge, UCL, Imperial College London and Linköping University as Visiting academic/Honorary/Professor of Regenerative Medicine. 

She brings a formidable track record of clinical, academic and entrepreneurial success. Training initially in regenerative medicine, she has gone on to create and sell two companies to major multinationals, and has worked for organisations such as Pfizer Neusentis as Visiting Scientist / Strategy Lead; UCLPartners as Director of Commercial Development and Cambridge University Health Partners as Chief Operating Officer and Research Lead, to translate academic research into medical and commercial returns.

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