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Private Banking & Wealth Management Private Banking & Wealth Management

Private Banking & Wealth Management

At Credit Suisse, the Private Banking division incorporates Wealth Management and Corporate & Retail Banking – offering varied and rich career prospects.

Private Banking offers exciting and diverse career paths. You can take or continue your customer-oriented career path, become a technical specialist, or even combine the two. The flexibility offered at Credit Suisse lets you shape your own future for personal development and professional advancement.

Specialized in-house financial qualifications are mandatory for all Private Banking levels and roles with client contact, guaranteeing that all our team members are trained to the same high level. More general training is also available and encouraged.

Wealth Management

This is an exciting time to work in wealth management as the global market looks set to grow - driven by economic development in emerging markets, generational transfers of funds, and ongoing wealth concentration.

At Credit Suisse Wealth Management we pride ourselves on helping clients to thrive at all times by providing for our clients complex needs.

If you are interested in providing special care for your clients – beyond the traditional remit of banking services – you will fit in with us and turn you will be rewarded with a stimulating options to grow within the bank.

Corporate and Retail Banking

Our broad range of banking products, financial services, and investment solutions make us a key provider of solutions for private, corporate, and institutional clients in Switzerland. The Corporate & Retail Banking segment comprises two major businesses: Private Clients and Corporate & Institutional Clients.

Our focus is on high-quality advice and services where our clients are always placed first. If you identify with this credo, we will be able to offer you a varied and interesting career.

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