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    Follow Credit Suisse Careers on Twitter!

    Follow Credit Suisse Careers on Twitter!

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    Credit Suisse Cares

    Credit Suisse Cares

    Credit Suisse was recently recognized for its corporate volunteering efforts by the NYC Mayoral Service Recognition Program. Last year, Credit Suisse employees across all regions volunteered 190,790 hours of their time to charitable causes.

    Credit Suisse Youth Barometer 2015

    Credit Suisse Youth Barometer 2015

    How do young people think in 2015? What is really important to them in life and how do they imagine their future? These are just a few of the questions that the research institute gfs.bern asked on behalf of Credit Suisse in the 2015 Youth Barometer.

    New technology is redefining banking

    New technology is redefining banking

    ​Laura Barrowman, Managing Director at Credit Suisse, reports in the Financial Times on how developments in technology are redefining banking. Find out how Credit Suisse is harnessing new technology to meet changing customer expectations and improve business.

    4,600 Reasons Why Internal Mobility Works

    4,600 Reasons Why Internal Mobility Works

    Internal Mobility is building long-term success stories for both employees and Credit Suisse. This ultimately benefits the client too, because those who stay on the move can provide better advice.

    The Future of the Blue Economy

    The Future of the "Blue Economy"

    John Tobin, Global Head of Sustainability, speaks about the need for a different approach to using the resources of the world's oceans.

    High Impact Investing Through Low-Income Talent

    High Impact Investing Through Low-Income Talent

    Investing in low-income talent to attend elite universities could provide low-risk returns to investors as well as a resounding social impact thanks to a much needed global widening of social capital.

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          Innovate with Us! Credit Suisse is committed
          to delivering world-class technology
          innovation that enables our clients to reach
          their goals.

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          "I achieve something every day – and this
          is what motivates me to wake up in the

    Clients Win, You Win

    Year after year, we are recognized for our achievements in helping clients reach their goals. We are also one of the preeminent global private banks. Whether we're assisting companies with M&A or negotiating the challenges of emerging markets, we provide solid investment banking and securities expertise. Join our team and our achievements will become a platform for your own.


    Innovate with us: Life in our Technology (IT) division

    Banking today is a technology business, where digital ingenuity creates competitive advantage. Credit Suisse delivers world-class technology innovation that enables our clients to reach their goals. Experience Credit Suisse’s Technology (IT) division.

    Credit Suisse: The Future at Work

    Experience Credit Suisse's culture and values.

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    Hiring Programs

    You want to put your knowledge into practice. We'll support you and help you develop additional skills. That's why our hiring programs are calibrated with the right mix of on-the-job practice, mentoring and formal in-class training. Explore our hiring program options below.

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    Is a career in financial services for you? Read about our business areas and learn about the products.

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    You have questions, and we have answers. Read our tips on everything from preparing your resume or CV, to presenting yourself in interviews, to negotiating once you receive your job offer.

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