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Credit Suisse offers a significant number of equity products across all key strategies and with vehicles tailored to investors needs. We cover blue-chip companies of all major equity markets (ex Japan) in an efficient manner. Our equity investment vehicles relay on a sophisticated investment approach that consists of a comprehensive global equity strategy, a well structure stock selection method and a robust portfolio construction process that has been developed in house. Within these strategies, we manage different institutional mandates.

The team follows an active portfolio management style aimed at exploiting opportunities in order to achieve attractive portfolio returns. Core to our investment process is the Credit Suisse HOLT system (a CFROI ®, cash-flow-return-on-investment framework) and HOLT-based screenings.

We exploit both bottom-up and top-down alpha-sources:

  • Security selection – supported by our experienced team of bottom-up specialists
  • Regional allocation as determined by the MACSCIO office
  • Sector allocation as determined by the MACS Equity team
  • Styles (Large vs. Small, Growth vs. Value, Cyclicals vs. Defensives)

We monitor these return factors continually and are flexible to adapt screens and factors to the changing market environment.

MACS Equities Investment Universe

Equity Core – Blue Chips

  • Switzerland
  • European
  • North America
  • Emerging Markets

Equity Specialties

  • Dividend Strategies
  • Value Investing
  • Real Estate indirect strategy
  • Small and Mid Cap (SMC)
  • Thematic
  • Quant Optimisation

Global Strategy

  • Global Mandates
  • Global Emerging Markets

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