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Awards for Credit Suisse Asset Management

Lipper Fund Awards 2017
Credit Suisse Asset Management receives five awards 

Lipper Fund Awards 2017

Lipper Fund Awards are awarded to funds that have excelled in delivering consistently strong risk-adjusted performance, relative to peers. They highlight our comprehensive investment expertise in the area of equities and bonds, and are testament to the strength of our funds.

Credit Suisse Fund Lipper Fund Award 2017
Credit Suisse (CH) Small Cap Switzerland Equity Fund (valor no. 564766) Equity Switzerland Small and Mid Caps over three years
Credit Suisse (Lux) Asia Local Currency Bond Fund (valor no. 19443023) Bond Asia Pacific – Local Currency over three years
Credit Suisse (Lux) AgaNola Global Convertible Bond Fund (valor no. 10670988) Bond Convertibles Global over three years
Credit Suisse (Lux) Corporate Short Duration USD Bond Fund (valor no. 1498955) Bond US Dollar – Short Term over three and five years
Credit Suisse (CH) Convert International Bond Fund (valor no. 1930836) Bond Convertibles Global over ten years

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