Fund Information Global Private Equity

Global Private Equity
Fund Close Date

7 June 2006

Investment Manager

The Investment Manager of the Underlying Fund is a Priori Capital Partners L.P. The Underlying Fund is sponsored by DLJ Merchant Banking Partners the leveraged corporate private equity arm of Credit Suisse.

APIR code


Investment Objective

To seek capital appreciation through global private equity and equity related investments.
The Fund will invest through the Underlying Fund in private companies domiciled primarily in the United States and Western Europe. These private companies are typically bought using a leveraged investment in their common equity, otherwise known as a Leveraged Buyout . Other investments made by the Underlying Fund will relate to building up a private company by further acquisition, expansion capital for the business of a private company or a structured senior equity investment in a private company whereby the Underlying Fund expects to gain an attractive equity return, protected on the downside. The Underlying Fund looks to make investments across a diversified range of industries in primarily the US and Europe.

Volatility/Risk level


Currency Management

The fund is unhedged.

Term of Fund

The expected Term of the Fund is currently approximately 11.5 years.

Asset Allocation

The Fund's assets will vary between holdings in global private equity, equity related investments and cash.


Contribution Fee

Up to 3% of the amount invested.

Administration and Investment Fee

^The basis for calculating this fee varies during and after the Commitment Period.

Reimbursable Expenses

Estimated to be approximately 0.55%pa* of the net asset value of the Fund.
*This is an estimate only.

Performance Fee

The Fund will be subject to a performance fee charged in the Underlying Fund from time to time.

Buy/Sell Spreads

Buy Spread only of 2%.

Exit Fees


Fund Features

Minimum Investment Amount

The Fund is closed to new investments.


You may transfer your units to another Eligible Investor (as defined on page 26 of the Product Disclosure Statement) at any time with our consent.


Not permitted (except in special circumstances).

Distribution Payment Options

Automatically credited to the nominated bank, building society or credit union account.

Income Distribution Frequency

Distributions will be made by the Fund annually, at other times at our discretion and at the end of the Term of the Fund.

Unit Prices