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Why Credit Suisse

Swiss banking for more than 150 years.

Our Value Proposition

By applying an open product architecture, we provide our clients with access to an unparalleled range of products and services from the world's leading industry providers.
By using our comprehensive knowledge of the world's financial markets and by applying our analytical and research skills, we are able to establish exactly which products - both in-house and third party - best suit each specific situation.

Product Range


The product range covers a broad spectrum of all asset classes, investment strategies and major currencies. But the real key is that, unlike most institutions, Credit Suisse is promoting best-in-class products.

Your Needs

The entire range of products and services is available to Credit Suisse Dubai clients. No matter what your investment objectives may be, Credit Suisse Dubai has the solution. What makes this possible, is our commitment to building a long lasting relationship of trust. We make it our business to invest in long-term relationships with individuals, families and institutions. These are relationships that last across generations.
To build a more rewarding financial future, contact us and speak to an advisor.

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