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Fixed Income Research

Our Global Fixed Income & Economic Research team consists of specialized strategists and economists dedicated to interpreting the macro landscape and fixed income businesses, providing clients with thoughtful analysis and investment opportunities.

Ideas that Lead: Research in Focus – Global Economics and Monetary Policy

In this edition of our Research in Focus video series, we feature Neville Hill, our Co-Head of Global Economic Research, who discusses the state of the global economy and monetary policy as we begin 2016. He highlights the impact of a slowing China on the world economy, risks to global growth, and his expectations for policy action in the US and Europe.

Global Economic and Strategy

  • Providing Valuable Global Commentary. The Global Economic and Strategy team offers high-impact economic and strategy research, delivering timely market commentary in response to global events and trends.
  • Leveraging Analytics and Strong Relationships. Our team is recognized for its detailed and thoughtful analysis of economic indicators, the accuracy of its forecasts, as well as its strong relationships.
  • Challenging Traditional Thought. Our team looks through the data to develop unparalleled research product and less traditional conclusions. It delivers its ideas in unique ways via the Global Strategy Blog.

Global Macro Products Strategy

  • Building on a Strong Macro Franchise. Our Global Macro Products team includes Rates, FX, and Technical Analysis. The team looks at the impact of market events across the businesses.
  • Leveraging Market Thematics into Investable Ideas. Our research extends beyond fundamental economic performance and explores developing market themes to help with asset allocation.
  • Utilizing Unique Resources. Our Technical Analysis team provides new and innovative ways to explore and invest in global themes and strategies

Global Product Research

  • Providing Market-Leading Expertise. Our Global Product Research coverage includes Securitized Products, Credit Research (US, European, and EM Corporate Credit), EM Strategy, Alpha Strategy, and Demographics & Pensions research. The teams leverage years of experience and industry relationships, providing a deep and technical understanding of fixed income markets.
  • Offering an Extensive Portfolio. Our product specialists offer a portfolio of regular research publications, providing up-to-date market commentary.
  • Delivering Quality Investment Solutions. Our product specialists utilize the economics and strategy foundation to translate market themes and events into investment solutions.

Global Recognition

Our research team has been awarded "2014 Best Bank: Multi-Asset Research and Strategy" and "2014 Best Bank: FX Research & Strategy Technical Analyst of the Year: David Sneddon" by The Technical Analyst.

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