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Credit Suisse’s Swiss Debt Capital Markets department (DCM) is celebrating 25 consecutive years of ranking #1* in the CHF bond new issue league table in both the domestic and international segment.

The Swiss coverage team is responsible for bond new issue origination. It focuses on winning CHF bond new issue mandates from issuers around the world as well as bond new issue mandates in all currencies from Swiss corporations and financial institutions. Swiss DCM also covers domestic public sector issuers. The department has been a pioneer in underwriting CHF emerging market bonds, asset backed securities, capital securities and hybrids and in liability management. It also advises borrowers on the optimal funding strategy and execution as well as on acquisition financing.

There is nothing accidental about the team’s success. It has required a strong commitment from management to the business, enduring continuity in the bond value chain which includes Swiss DCM, Syndicate, Transaction Advisory Group (TAG), Sales, Trading and Research, and allowing long term investment in the franchise. Another success factor is that Credit Suisse offers the issuer the whole package from bond origination covered by the Swiss Debt Capital Market team to the underwriting and execution process covered by the Syndicate desk and in-house documentation of the transaction by TAG. Credit Suisse has continuously maintained officers in Switzerland for the coverage of international issuers and has invested significant resources in the development of an active CHF fixed income market. Swiss DCM is both part of the strong bond value chain in Switzerland with local decision making and integrated in the Investment Bank’s Swiss and global client coverage and product expertise. In the past few years, risk management and balance sheet considerations have led the business to evolve from an underwriter to a more origination and distribution driven model.  A superior distribution capability has been a key ingredient to the continued success under these changing circumstances.

*Source IFR

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