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Equal Opportunity Equal Opportunity

Equal Opportunity

Having a diverse workforce helps us fulfill our commitments to our employees and our clients.

When we cultivate people with wide-ranging expertise, insights and experience, we create a team of professionals who can meet the diverse needs of our global clientele.

Our success relies on treating all of our employees and clients with equal respect, without regard to ethnicity, nationality, gender, sexual orientation and expression, religion, age or disabilities. We are also committed to diversity and inclusion outside the corporate sphere by sponsoring public events and supporting external advocacy groups. This roadmap is essential for driving cultural change and global success.

Our commitment to global diversity includes:

  • A full-time Global Diversity team, supported by regional diversity councils
  • Partnerships with a range of non-profit and philanthropic organizations serving diverse communities
  • Dedicated diversity recruitment programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels
  • Support for 38 employee networks worldwide focused on a variety of themes, including:
    - Women's Networks (Americas, Australia, EMEA, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Tokyo)
    - Next Generation Network (Americas, APAC, Switzerland)
    - Family Network (US, EMEA, Switzerland)
    - Work-Life Integration Forums (Hong Kong, Singapore)
    - Disability Interest Forums (EMEA, Switzerland)
    - Black Professionals Network (Americas)
    - Latin Professionals Network (Americas)
    - LGBT Open Network (US, EMEA, APAC, Switzerland)
    - Multicultural Forum (US, EMEA, Switzerland)
    - Network 50+ (Switzerland)
    - Veterans Network (Americas)

Diversity and Inclusion is supported from the top of our company and extends to every employee in every region, and all employees of the bank are invited to participate in any of the groups.

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