The Credit Suisse brand is an expression of our client focused business approach. Delivering a broad range of traditional and innovative banking services and products to our clients around the world.

Our brand positioning comprises our values and shapes how we think, how we behave and how we serve our clients. At Credit Suisse, we aspire to be a consistent and reliable long-term partner that focuses on clients with complex and multi-product needs. This means listening attentively to the wishes of our clients and offering them superior financial solutions; in this way, empowering them to make better financial decisions. Against the backdrop of significant changes within the financial industry, we strive to consistently enable our clients to realize their financial goals and thrive.

We operate as an integrated global bank serving our clients through our two divisions – Private Banking & Wealth Management and Investment Banking – which cooperate closely to provide holistic financial solutions, including innovative products and specifically tailored advice. Our integrated bank model combines the strengths, experience and expertise of our two divisions. With our local presence in more than 50 countries and our global approach, we are well positioned to respond to changing client needs and that of our operating environment.

Our Campaign

For over a century and a half, our clients have been the focus of everything Credit Suisse does. And now, these clients are the focus of a new advertising campaign.

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Our Logo

Our logo symbolizes the transformation of Credit Suisse into an integrated global bank in 2006, when the areas of Private Banking & Wealth Management and Investment Banking were combined under a single roof, as well as our international orientation, heritage and goals.

The sail-like symbol echoes the pioneering spirit of the entire bank and the heritage of our business. The logo has evolved throughout the company's long history to compliment its constant growth, the founding of new branches and the various mergers and acquisitions that have take place since its foundation in 1856.

Our Brand Ambassador

Credit Suisse entered into a long-term partnership with Roger Federer in 2009. This world-known tennis player with Swiss roots is an ideal ambassador for our brand as we share a number of values: wide international appeal, the desire to excel and a distinct sense of quality. This is complemented by a high degree of responsibility toward society at large.

Credit Suisse assumes responsibility toward society and the environment as well as toward its clients and employees through a numerous and varied activities in the corporate responsibility field, while the Roger Federer Foundation provides disadvantaged children with quality education.)