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Global CIO video: "Investors need to be more selective"

Risk assets have corrected lower in recent weeks amid lingering risks and uncertainty. We look at the latest developments and our current views.

Millennials and Gen Z: the difference

Millennials and Gen Z are often spoken of as one, although they are two distinct demographic cohorts. We look into what's the difference between Millennials and Gen Z and why this will matter for investors and entrepreneurs.

The department store of the future. Shopping in Beijing.

China's new middle class, numbering some 400 million people, will fundamentally change global trade. What are these people buying? How do they approach consumption? We accompany a young Chinese woman as she goes shopping – and catch a glimpse of our own future.

Loans with the help of satellite images. A start-up solution.

How does a corn farmer in East Africa prove his creditworthiness? A start-up has come up with a solution for connecting remote regions to the rest of the world. The only requirement? A mobile phone.

E-commerce in emerging markets

E-commerce's shot at winning the longer lifetime client base in emerging markets is in full swing – and rightly so!

Global CIO video: "Equity bull market still has legs."

Equity markets ended June and the first half of the year on a strong note. We look at the latest developments and our current views.

AI and healthcare: more personal and more accessible

Artificial intelligence, or AI, has many applications in healthcare. Discover what companies are doing in primary care and fertility medicine, in our series of interviews.

Plastic pollution. Time to tackle the problem with new business ideas.

Food, cosmetics, domestic products – most of these come in plastic containers. Designed for a single use, yet virtually indestructible. Can we find an environmentally friendly replacement?

Global CIO video: More defensive, but not down

After a bumpy ride in May, June has brought some relief for investors. We look at the latest developments and how we are positioned.

Two of the world's most powerful demographic drivers: China and India

"While China's consumers should continue to enjoy superior spending power, a powerful dynamic in India will come from a more youthful consumer."1
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