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Our engagement

Since 1993, Credit Suisse has been the main sponsor of the Swiss Football Association and a partner to all junior and senior national teams in both men's and women's football.

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We remain Main Partner. Until 2024.

Credit Suisse is extending its partnership with the Swiss Football Association (SFA) prematurely until 2024, which means that we are committed to supporting Swiss football for a further four years.

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This comprehensive commitment from Credit Suisse is helping to improve general conditions in football while enabling outstanding sporting performance at all levels. Within this strategy, the bank is especially committed to promoting young talent – one half of its sponsorship funds are targeted directly at promoting talented young footballers.

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  • Promoting Young Talent

Credit Suisse Cup

The most important prerequisite for the success of Swiss football is the popularity of the sport throughout the country. This is why Credit Suisse has supported the Credit Suisse Cup – the largest school football championship in Switzerland – since 1999. With this, we hope to inspire young talented players to participate in football and to teach them to enjoy the game. 

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Credit Suisse Kids Festival

As a further means of promoting young talent, Credit Suisse has been a sponsor of the Credit Suisse Kids Festival since 2013, giving even the youngest players a chance to take part in football. Each year, twenty Credit Suisse Kids Festivals are held throughout Switzerland for children aged 5-10. The events focus on fun with football on and off the pitch and offering an unforgettable football experience.