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Our commitment to eFootball

We are passionate about football. On real pitches and on virtual ones. That's why we are supporting all Swiss national football teams – in eFootball too.

Responsible gaming

In collaboration with Pro Juventute and EURAT, Credit Suisse is
committed to promoting responsible gaming. 

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The main sponsor of the national eFootball team

Credit Suisse has been providing comprehensive support to Swiss football and the promotion of young talent since 1993. We support all junior and senior national teams in both women's and men's football as the main sponsor, as well as various initiatives in grassroots football. We are now expanding our commitment into cyberspace and are supporting the Swiss national eFootball team that was launched in 2020.  

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The national eFootball team captained by Luca Boller was launched in the spring of 2020. Since then, the team has been representing Switzerland regularly in international eFootball matches and tournaments. In short videos, the athletes introduce themselves and, among other things, talk about how they started playing professional eFootball, what their ambitions and goals are, and what it means to them to be part of the national eFootball team.  

(Note: Subtitles are available in the video settings)

Luca "Lubo" Boller

The captain of the team tells us what he does to take a break from the many hours on his console and explains how important coaching and match analysis have become in eFootball.

Fabio "Cobra" Pechlaner

Fabio reveals the qualities that make him stand out as a player, what drives him on, and what being part of the national eFootball team means to him.

Leandro "Dufty" Curty

Leandro is the Swiss champion in FIFA. In the video, he talks about his ambitions and why he decided to play eFootball professionally.

Manuel "Kubinho" Kubli

In the video, Manuel explains how, as a footballer, he benefits from efootball, and what goals he and his team mates have.

Manuel " Kubinho" Kubli

Nicolas "NisiFIFA" Muntwyler

Nicolas is the youngest player on the national eFootball team. In the video, he talks about his upcoming ambitions.

Further information and the latest news about the national eFootball team can be found on the website of the Swiss Football Association.

"eFootball is already highly professional today."

Thomas Temperli is the coach of the Swiss national eFootball team. In this interview, he talks about the current developments in eFootball, his work with the national team, and the skills a player needs to have.

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Responsible gaming

In collaboration with Pro Juventute and EURAT, Credit Suisse is committed to promoting responsible gaming. Below we introduce you to three topics in short video clips, namely: Toxic behavior, age restrictions, and addiction.

*For English subtitles, please click on the subtitle symbol (CC) on YouTube

Toxic behavior

Things can sometimes get emotional when the game hots up. Even so, fellow gamers should always be treated with respect.

Age restrictions

Games have age restrictions for good reason, and they should always be complied with. Talk to a trusted person if something doesn’t feel right.


Being passionate about a hobby is great, but it's also important to keep in touch with friends and do other activities from time to time.

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