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Our engagement

Our engagement

Since 1993, Credit Suisse has been the main sponsor of the Swiss Football Association and a partner to all junior and senior national teams in both men's and women's football.




World Cup appearances (A-teams)


European Championship appearances (A-teams)


annual children's football tournaments


30 years of partnership

In 2023, Credit Suisse is celebrating its 30-year partnership with the Swiss Football Association (SFV). Thanks to its long-standing commitment as main partner, Credit Suisse has made a significant contribution to the development of Swiss football – from grassroots level to the professional leagues.


Since the beginning of the partnership, the junior and senior national teams have regularly reached the World Cup and European Championship final tournaments, and skilled children and adolescents have been actively supported to develop young talent. There are national school and club tournaments for children to enable them to play and enjoy football. Credit Suisse's commitment to the SFV is recognized throughout Europe as an outstanding example of successful support for young talent. Since 1993, the bank has invested 50% of its sponsorship funds in training and developing young footballers.

Documentary series "The Pressure Game"

The six-part series entitled "The Pressure Game – Im Herzen der Schweizer Nati" [At the Heart of the Swiss National Team] focuses on the incredible pressure that players are exposed to. With surprising openness, they explain how they deal with competition within the team, how much they are affected by the responsibility to keep their body functioning properly, and what it means to face the opposing team in a full stadium.

The series gives the audience the opportunity to dive unusually deep into the footballers' emotional world after exiting the World Cup. The pressure to be successful and to force yourself back to peak performance after losing a game is ever-present. "The Pressure Game – Im Herzen der Schweizer Nati" also addresses emotions about background and the pride of playing for the Swiss national team in a close, intimate, and human way.

Credit Suisse has been involved in this series from the very beginning and, as the exclusive sponsor, has made it possible to produce the series together with SRG SSR, the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation. This support for the six-part SRG SSR series forms part of Credit Suisse's celebrations to mark its 30-year partnership with the Swiss Football Association. Credit Suisse is also offering its employees and clients access to exclusive footage from the series on this website.

Yann Sommer

Yann Sommer is a world-class goalkeeper and lives a life without scandal. In "The Pressure Game," he speaks about perfection and the pressure that all players are under. He also gives us a very personal look behind the scenes and talks about the effects of playing at the highest level.

Yann Sommer

Granit Xhaka

Granit Xhaka polarizes like almost no other member of the Swiss national team. The international media are also often quick to call out the player with a reputation for being headstrong. In "The Pressure Game," he tells his story and reveals surprising details about his emotional world.

Granit Xhaka

Breel Embolo

Breel Embolo talks in "The Pressure Game" about how important football is to him and his family, and about his ambition to win with the national team. He speaks candidly about skin color and reveals his more personal side.

Breel Embolo

Bloopers "The Pressure Game"

An exclusive compilation of entertaining scenes that didn't make it into the documentary series.

Bloopers «The Pressure Game»
Anchor: #main-partner

Credit Suisse Cup

Credit Suisse has supported the Credit Suisse Cup – the largest school football championship in Switzerland – since 1999.

Credit Suisse Cup

Watch the video, capturing the final tournament 2022 in Basel.

Credit Suisse Kids Festival

As a further means of promoting young talent, Credit Suisse has been a sponsor of the Credit Suisse Kids Festival since 2013, giving even the youngest players a chance to take part in football.

Each year, twenty Credit Suisse Kids Festivals are held throughout Switzerland for children aged 5-10. The events focus on fun with football on and off the pitch and offering an unforgettable football experience.

Credit Suisse Kids Festival

Captain meets captain

Lia Wälti, captain of the Swiss women's national football team, talks to André Helfenstein, "captain" of Credit Suisse in Switzerland, about what really matters in life.

Captain meets captain

We remain Main Partner.
Until 2024.

The successful collaboration between Credit Suisse and the Swiss Football Association is continuing. By extending the partnership until 2024, Credit Suisse will remain fully committed to Swiss football in the future too.

Our engagement

Insights & Stories

Credit Suisse's extensive support allows you to take a
peek behind the scenes. Find out more about our women's and men's junior and senior national teams. 

Insights and Stories

This comprehensive commitment from Credit Suisse is helping to improve general conditions in football while enabling outstanding sporting performance at all levels. Within this strategy, the bank is especially committed to promoting young talent – one half of its sponsorship funds are targeted directly at promoting talented young footballers.

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