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Roman Signer

Salut & Rudolf Koller – Gotthardpost

Since the summer of 2016, Signer's multi-layer work Salut has been installed in room 1.219 in the client area at Paradeplatz, one of the most prestigious reception rooms directly adjoining the foyer where Koller's Gotthard Mail Coach recalls the summit tunnel, which is 130 years older. At the heart of Signer's edition is a tunnel builder's box as used for transporting explosives and safety material. In the Sedrun action, the artist turned each of the attractive red boxes into a container for one of the steel mortars. In a series of 15 photos and a four-minute video, we can see the Salut action in Sedrun in progress: Hard hats can be seen dancing with delight, blasted like rockets into the blue sky, appearing to leave gravitational pull behind them like a pulverized firework.

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