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Reto Leibundgut

Scent of Matter

For the branch on Untere Rebgasse in Basel, a competition was held for an on-site work. The conditions stipulated that the proposals should engage with the interplay between the banking hall and the inner courtyard that lies beyond it and is visible from the client zone on the first floor. From the submissions of three artists (including Markus Müller and Markus Schwander), in November 2009 the jury selected Reto Leibundgut's project 'Scent of Matter'. Leibundgut's wall relief has its base on the wall at the far end of the banking hall and then rises up nearly 15 meters on the same wall exposed to the inner courtyard. The rich play of materials and colors on the wall is echoed in the natural setting on the ground – art and architecture meet, for a mutual transformation.

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