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Claudia Comte, Big Bob, 2013

Credit Suisse Collection. Our commitment to the arts.

They are in all of our buildings to behold: Pieces of art from our collection. Carefully placed within our walls, they simultaneously represent corporate values and offer the viewer pause.
Through our commitment to the works of young and emerging artists – which often show a different perspective – we promote the discourse art is meant to stimulate.
The Credit Suisse Collection represents a corporate culture of diversity that champions open dialogue and embodies its engagement with art in everyday business.

Magali Reus, Sentinel (Rosewood), 2017

Artworks in focus: Julia Steiner, ECHO/ECOSYSTEM, 2021

In August 2021, Julia Steiner (*1982) created a large-scale mural that extends over two floors in the client area of the Bern-Bundesplatz branch. The video documents the work entitled "ECHO/ECOSYSTEM" and features interviews on how the piece was developed and how it has been received.

Artworks in focus: Pierre Vadi, Portique, 2011 & Denis Savary, Etrusques, 2013

A tour of some sculptures by Pierre Vadi and Denis Savary from the Credit Suisse Collection on display in the Credit Suisse branch at Place Bel-Air 2 in Geneva. With Dr. André Rogger, curator of the Credit Suisse Collection. This video was first shown on June 10, 2021 as a contribution to the online preview of the exhibition "Swiss Sculpture since 1945" supported by Credit Suisse and shown at the Aargauer Kunsthaus in Aarau (June 12–September 26, 2021).

Claire von Lubeek

Artworks in focus: Claire van Lubeek, Big Smile, 2019

Claire van Lubeek (b. 1990 Rotterdam) presents her work "Big Smile" (2019), which is displayed in the client area of the Bern Bundesplatz branch. Until the day on which this conversation was recorded, August 10, 2021, van Lubeek's "Big Smile" hung alongside Meret Oppenheim's "Rhine Landscape" (1941), also part of the Credit Suisse Collection. But at the end of van Lubeek’s conversation with the curator of the Credit Suisse Collection, Oppenheim’s painting can be seen leaving its place in the bank to take part in a major museum retrospective.

Artworks in focus: Hans Emmenegger, Russischer Wirbeltänzer, 1927

A conversation between Marco Superina, member of the Credit Suisse Standing Committee on Art, and Dr. André Rogger, curator of the Credit Suisse Collection. The two speak about the painting which was on loan for the exhibition "Hans Emmenegger" at the Fondation de l'Hermitage in Lausanne from June 25–October 31, 2021. The conversation was recorded in a Credit Suisse client room at Paradeplatz 8 in Zurich on April 28, 2021.


Timothée Calame, Incorrect Prototype, 2019

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A selection of important pieces from the Credit Suisse Collection. Take a virtual art tour through our buildings in Switzerland, London or Nagoya, where these artworks are displayed.

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Renée Levi, Paradise, 2008

On-site projects

A portfolio of location-specific art projects commissioned by us. These impressive works and installations created by our commissioned artists interact with the room that they fill and accentuate the surrounding architecture.

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