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Rainer E. Gut

 Honorary Chairman, Credit Suisse Group  


Born 1932 – Swiss citizen
Initial schooling in Zug, Switzerland, Professional training in Switzerland, Paris, London


Professional history

Since 2000 Credit Suisse Group, Zurich
  • Honorary Chairman
2000-2005 Nestlé S.A., Vevey
  • Chairman of the Board
1986-2000 Credit Suisse Group, Zurich
  • Chairman of the Board of Directors (formerly CS Holding – renamed on January 1, 1997)
1983-2000 Credit Suisse, Zurich
  • Chairman of the Board of Directors
1982 Credit Suisse, Zurich
  • President of the Executive Board
1977 Credit Suisse, Zurich
  • Speaker of the Executive Board
1973 Credit Suisse, Zurich
  • Member of the Executive Board
1971 Swiss American Corporation, New York, Credit Suisse's U.S. investment banking affiliate at the time
  • Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
1968 Lazard Frères & Co., New York
  • General Partner