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Corporate governance. Our regulatory framework.

Our corporate governance regulates the relationship between our stakeholders, Board of Directors, and Executive Board. Integrated and responsible. Transparent without sacrificing discretion.


The way we interact with our stakeholders is fundamental for our business and our success.

Credit Suisse's corporate governance complies with internationally accepted standards. We recognize the importance of good corporate governance and know that transparent disclosure of our governance helps stakeholders to assess the quality of the Bank and our management and assists investors in their investment decisions.


Our corporate governance framework

Our corporate governance policies and procedures are laid out in a series of documents governing the organization and management of Credit Suisse. The Board of Directors has adopted a set of Corporate Governance Guidelines aimed at explaining and promoting an understanding of our governance structure. Other important corporate governance documents include the Articles of Association, the Organizational Guidelines and Regulations, the Charters of the Board of Directors and of each of its Committees, and the Code of Conduct and Ethics.


Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is responsible for the supervision and control of Credit Suisse AG.


Lukas Gähwiler
Ulrich Körner

Executive Board

The Executive Board is responsible for our day-to-day operational management.

Standards and policies

Credit Suisse AG's standards and policies comply with Swiss and international corporate governance requirements.

Code of Conduct and Ethics

The Code of Conduct and Ethics provides a clear approach for how we all expect members of the Board of Directors and employees to conduct themselves. Following the legal close of the transaction of UBS acquiring Credit Suisse Group, the UBS Code of Conduct and Ethics now applies for Credit Suisse and the Credit Suisse CoC has been retired. 


Escalation Process

Fairness, professional conduct, and integrity are very important to us. We encourage employees to report any alleged misconduct and violations. We handle these cases with care and confidentiality.


Shareholder rights

Since the acquisition of Credit Suisse Group by UBS Group, Credit Suisse Group shareholders are now UBS Group shareholders. For more UBS shareholder information, please visit Shareholder information. For historical Credit Suisse Group shareholder information, please visit Shareholders


Managing risk

Our Risk Management function plays a central role in our organization as it fosters a disciplined risk culture and creates appropriate transparency providing a sound basis for manage meant to define a suitable risk profile. Risk Management is instrumental in ensuring a prudent and intelligent approach to risk-taking that appropriately balances risk and return and optimizes the allocation of capital throughout the Bank. Moreover, through a proactive risk management culture and the use of state-of-the-art quantitative and qualitative tools we strive to minimize the potential for undesired risk exposure in our operations.

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Committed to compliance

We place utmost care on ensuring that our employees maintain the highest standards of compliance with all legal, regulatory and internal requirements. Our employees are asked to observe strict standards of professional conduct at all times. Compliance considerations are critically important when selecting employees, developing training tools, defining processes and rules and are a vital element of all our supervisory and control systems.


Rewarding excellence

We are committed to employing a compensation approach that rewards excellence, encourages personal contribution and professional growth and aligns the employees' interests with those of Credit Suisse, thus motivating the creation of stakeholder value. Long-term corporate success in the financial services industry depends on the strength of human capital, and our goal is to be the employer of choice in the markets and business segments in which we operate.

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