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Working together with employee representation councils

We work closely with the European Works Council and the Swiss Staff Council. These employee representation councils serve as links between our employees and ourselves.


We consider it important to maintain close contact with our staff and to treat them fairly, especially in view of the rapidly changing business environment. To ensure we devote enough attention to employee issues and concerns, we cooperate closely with employee bodies that represent the interests of our staff, such as the European Works Council and the Swiss Staff Council (PKOM).


Swiss Staff Council (PKOM)

The Staff Council of Credit Suisse (Switzerland) represents the interests of our employees. Its representatives are elected by employees every four years. The objective of the Staff Council is to ensure that the company's HR policy is both up to date and employee-​​friendly. The Council's tasks as an intermediary involve:

  • exercising the right of employees to express an opinion
  • defining personnel-​related measures in the event of restructuring, and making sure they are implemented
  • serving as confidential contacts for staff with personal questions and concerns
  • negotiating with management each year on the salary adjustments to be decided for bank staff in Switzerland

European Works Council (EWC)

The European Works Council Credit Suisse Group (EWC CSG), founded in 2002, serves as a link between staff in EU member states and the Credit Suisse Group. The EWC CSG is composed of employee representatives from the various member states as well as one representative of UNI, the European organization of the international trade union federation. The purpose of the EWC CSG is to improve information to employees throughout the EU and to ensure constructive dialog between management and representatives on issues of strategic or pan-European importance.