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Our responsibility as an employer

Our ability to inspire trust and generate client satisfaction is a basic prerequisite for our long-term success. We can only achieve this if we have skilled, responsible, and motivated employees.


Appealing Work Environment

The success of our company ultimately depends on the skills, experience and conduct of our employees. For our business to perform well, we must offer our clients best-in-class financial solutions and services. This goal can only be realized if we can attract and retain the most talented professionals in our role as an employer of choice. At Credit Suisse, we offer exciting careers, progressive employment conditions and wide-ranging training and development opportunities. As a result, our employees benefit from attractive long-term career prospects in an international working environment, helping us to retain their knowledge and experience within the bank and to derive maximum benefit from it in the interest of our clients.

Employee Facts and Figures as of December 31, 2021

employees with permanent contracts (full-time equivalents)
proportion of female employees (full-time equivalents)

Employee turnover

2021: voluntary turnover 12.6% / involuntary turnover 2.0%
2020: voluntary turnover 7.1% / involuntary turnover 2.1%
2019: voluntary turnover 9.8% / involuntary turnover 3.2%
2018: voluntary turnover 11.4% / involuntary turnover 5.0%


Career Opportunities, Learning, and Internal Mobility

Our training and development programs enable us to enhance the quality of our service and advisory offering and to continuously adapt our business to changing market and client needs. Credit Suisse offers employees a wide range of training programs involving traditional classroom instruction, e-learning, video-based courses and online learning communities.

At Credit Suisse, our commitment to internal mobility enables our employees to benefit from interesting and varied career paths. We focus on building transferable skills and encourage our employees to continue advancing in their careers by gaining expertise across businesses and locations. Through this culture of sharing, we create opportunities for them to expand their skills, knowledge and networks across the bank, and to also enhance connectivity and collaboration across business lines.

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