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Expertise and network

We have a strong corporate network. And our employees offer a wide range of experience and skills. Together with our partners, we use both to develop solutions for social challenges. For example, we offer training for board members of non-profit organizations and help young people to find employment.


The aim of the initiative was to make it easier for as many young people as possible to enter the world of work. In April 2015, the successful initiative became integrated in the national umbrella association "Check Your Chance" – a platform we continue to help develop.


The Initiative

In the context of the initiative and in collaboration with six non-profit partner organizations, we support as many young people as possible in the process of entering into a regular employment relationship. The programs successfully complement government measures in all parts of the country. From the start of the initiative in April 2010 to the end of 2017, over 10,000 young adults had received support in the form of training and individual counseling. After a development phase of several years, the six programs are working effectively and efficiently, also helping to address counteract the shortage of skilled professionals in Switzerland in the long term.


Focus on Career Start

Starting a career sets the course for the future and can be a difficult challenge in the life of a young person. Together with our partners, we aim to contribute to facilitating professional training and integration into the labor market for as many young people as possible. If, despite personal effort, young adults are unable to find a first job following their apprenticeship or graduation, this could permanently exclude them from their chosen profession. This has long-term consequences for society. The situation is equally difficult for young people who have not yet completed any initial training. Here too, "Check Your Chance" is taking action – and contributes to the long-term promotion of Switzerland as a center of education and employment.

Facts and Figures

young people received training and individual advice
of all program participants were able to embark on a career of benefited from professional training and development opportunities
young people successfully completed a program
young people subsequently secured permanent employment
people obtained fixed-term positions
people embarked on training

Our Partners

Credit Suisse had concluded partnership agreements with six selected non-profit organizations, and supports projects that help young people make a successful transition from education to a regular employment relationship (Transition II). Currently, the following non-profit organizations are members of "Check Your Chance":

  • Intégration Pour Tous / jeunes@work

  • Fondazione youLabor / Career Start-up

  • Network LBV

  • SLA Regional Associations / CT2

  • Stiftung Pro Juventute / MyFutureJob