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Our social commitments

We believe that as a bank, we have an important role to play in supporting our communities and society, and as such, we also seek to contribute above and beyond our core activities.

The Corporate Citizenship & Foundations (CCF) team works with selected partner organizations, provides funding through our global and regional foundations and facilitates the sharing of professional expertise to catalyze social innovation, enable inclusive futures and support those in need. We do so in the communities where we live and work, as well as further afield, to overcome the social and economic inequalities that place young people and communities worldwide at a disadvantage – thus supporting the realization of the UN SDGs.


Empowering people through financial inclusion, financial education and future skills

Our social commitments focus on three themes: Financial Inclusion (enabling access to formal financial services), Financial Education and Future Skills, including building the capacity in these sectors and the organizations within them. We strive for a more inclusive future where more people can access the resources and develop the financial, entrepreneurial and other skills they need to thrive in the economy and society. We regard education and access to financial services as critical to empowering individuals to succeed and to enable sustainable growth at the community level.


Employees: expertise, development, commitment

Within our three main themes, we focus primarily on building the capacity of our partners. Our employees play a key role in this approach and in our broader commitment to society. In 2021, they dedicated over 83,900 hours of their time and expertise through volunteering activities. As part of the bank’s human capital strategy, we allow each employee to devote up to four days per year to support our global partners or social initiatives in the communities where we live and work. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we further developed our virtual volunteering programs that promote the transfer of skills and knowledge between employees and partners. In 2021, Credit Suisse employees around the world dedicated over 41,500 hours to skills-based volunteering. COVID-19 made it more difficult for employees to volunteer and engage with our partners in person, but we are proud of the fact that 29% of our employees globally participated (via both volunteering and other activities) in our Corporate Citizenship programs in 2021.

Sustainability Report 2021

Find out more about what we are doing to advance sustainability in our business, measure progress, and report against our targets in our sustainability report.

This interactive world map provides a comprehensive overview of partners and projects supported in our three focus areas.

  • Financial inclusion

  • Financial education

  • Future skills

Corporate Citizenship. Empowering People.

Together with our employees we work with selected partner organizations to help strengthen our society and to address social issues. Together, we strive to build a more inclusive future where all people can access the resources and develop the financial, entrepreneurial and other skills to thrive in the economy and society. As part of this commitment we set three focus themes: Financial Inclusion, Financial Education and Future Skills.

Corporate Citizenship factsheet (PDF)

Focus Themes