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Charity of the Year. Employees as fundraisers.

Each year, our employees name one non-profit organization “Charity of the Year.” The selected charity receives a donation and additional contributions from a variety of employee and corporate fundraising activities throughout the year.


Charity of the Year 2019

The Foundation Swiss School for Guide Dogs for the Blind topped the poll for Charity of the Year 2019 of Credit Suisse in Switzerland. The school for guide dogs in Allschwil has been breeding Labrador retrievers since 1972, which they train to become guide dogs for the blind, assistance dogs, and autism service dogs. The dogs are carefully introduced into the lives of the disabled clients and the teams are provided with lifelong assistance. In addition, the school's social dog teams have been undertaking voluntary assignments for many years. The school for guide dogs aims to help as many people as possible to achieve greater mobility, independence, and quality of life with a well-trained dog.


Charity of the Year 2018

The employees of Credit Suisse in Switzerland have chosen the Stiftung Kinderhilfe Sternschnuppe (Sternschnuppe children's aid foundation) as the Charity of the Year for 2018.

Since 1993, the Stiftung Kinderhilfe Sternschnuppe has been fulfilling the "Heart's Desires" of children, funding "Star Projects", and offering "Leisure Activity Stars" for families, groups, and organizations. The foundation's purpose is to bring happiness and excitement to the lives of children and young people up to the age of 18 who are living with an illness, disability, or the effects of a severe injury.

More than 100,000 francs were transferred to the foundation thanks to a wide range of fundraising campaigns. These included fundraising by the Swiss team in the road cycling "Tour de Credit Suisse," the CS Interbranch & Inclusion Football Tournament, as well as the "Birdies for Good" initiative as part of the Omega European Masters and Swiss Seniors Open sponsoring engagements. 


Charity of the Year 2017

Credit Suisse employees in Switzerland have chosen the Verein Hilfe für hirnverletzte Kinder (Association for Children with Brain Injuries, "hiki" for short DE), as 2017 Charity of the Year. The hiki association was founded in 1986 and it provides advice, relief, and a network for families with children with brain injuries. Every year, countless children suffer such an injury whether before, during or shortly after birth, or later due to accident or illness. In order to ensure that these children grow up in a family environment, the parents' organization hiki provides affected families with unbureaucratic, concrete support.

Thanks to fund-raising activities conducted by Credit Suisse employees, donations of around 100,000 Swiss francs were made to the foundation. The donation drives included the CS Interbranch Football Tournament, the road cycling "Tour de Credit Suisse", the charity program "Birdies for Good" as part of the CS Golf sponsorship as well as the "Think outside the Box" charity event.


Charity of the Year 2016

A total of 25,000 Swiss francs were raised for the Foundation for blind and visually impaired children (DE), our 2016 Charity of the Year, over 12,000 francs of which came from the Tour de Credit Suisse charity cycling tour. Founded in 1837, this foundation is a private organization with cross-regional charitable objectives. Its mission is to educate and train blind and visually impaired children and young people with the aim of professional integration and the greatest possible participation in our society.

Portrait of cute little girl in family home

Charity of the Year 2015

The Childhood Cancer Research Foundation Switzerland was elected "Charity of the Year 2015." Since 1997, the foundation has provided funding to develop therapies and increase the chances of recovery for children with cancer. Doctors and researchers rely on this aid as 25 in 100 children die from their cancer. Cancer develops faster in children and behaves differently than in adults.

Christmas Tree Campaign 2015 (PDF)

Charity of the Year 2014

For the Aladdin Foundation, our "Charity of the Year 2014", over CHF 44,000  were raised in 2014. Donations from various staff fundraising campaigns were further augmented in December by the Christmas tree campaign at bank branches, which collected another CHF 18,000. The Aladdin Foundation can use this donation to provide additional valuable respite measures and support services for families of children with serious illnesses or disabilities.

In September and October 2014, Credit Suisse employees also spent a week lending their support at the children's vacation camps in Kandersteg.