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Support for your projects. Application process.

We coordinate and award grants on a regional basis. For information on applying for funding, please refer to the appropriate region where your program operates or is headquartered.

Applications for funding are being accepted in Switzerland.

At this time, unsolicited requests for support in the Americas and Asia Pacific region as well as Europe, Middle East and Africa are not being accepted.

Regional Corporate Philanthropy Offices

Credit Suisse Foundation – Jubilee Fund

+41 44 333 32 42

Paradeplatz 8,CH-8070 Zürich

Paradeplatz 8
CH-8070 Zürich

Credit Suisse Foundation - Disaster Relief Fund

+41 44 333 32 42*

Paradeplatz 8, CH-8070 Zürich

Paradeplatz 8
CH-8070 Zürich

*non-Switzerland / non-Poland

Credit Suisse Americas Foundation


One Madison Avenue, 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10010-3629

Europe, Middle East, Africa


One Cabot Square London, E14 4QJ, Great Britain emea.corporatecitizenship@cred

One Cabot Square
London, E14 4QJ,
Great Britain

Credit Suisse Asia Pacific


International Commerce Centre
1 Austin Road West,
Kowloon, Hong Kong SAR (China)