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Promoting supplier diversity. Beneficial for all.

We work with service providers and suppliers from across the world. We believe our partners' diverse backgrounds give us a competitive advantage in today’s global market.


Supplier diversity goes beyond including diverse businesses in our supply chain; it drives opportunity across functions by enabling value through brand enhancement, use of best practices, and innovation. It is essential that our business partners have the necessary competencies, structures, and opportunities to support the diverse environment that underpins our client focus and business strategy.


Mission Statement

Credit Suisse recognizes the value of diversity in our partnerships with suppliers, and that diversity provides a key competitive advantage. In our performance-driven culture, we seek partnerships with diverse businesses that are eager to provide innovative, high-value solutions.

Diverse Suppliers

We seek to partner with certified diverse businesses both small and large owned by:

  • Women
  • Ethnic Minorities
  • LGBTQs
  • Disabled Persons
  • Veterans

Contact Us

Further information on partnering with Credit Suisse either as a diverse supplier or as a diversity-supporting organization may be obtained by email to the following address:

Upon request, diverse suppliers will receive a supplier registration form.