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Submitting Invoices to Credit Suisse

Invoices submitted to all Credit Suisse legal entities have to meet Credit Suisse Invoicing Standards (PDF). Depending on the invoiced Credit Suisse legal entity’s domicile, different invoice submission instructions apply, as further outlined hereafter.

Invoices to Credit Suisse legal entities domiciled in:

Australia, Canada, Hong Kong SAR, China, Israel, the Netherlands, Poland, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States of America
The preferred method for the receipt of invoices is by upload through the invoice submission supplier portal. Send an e-mail to in order to receive details about the registering process.

For India, hardcopies and additionally PDF copies of invoice have to be sent to Credit Suisse.
Use: to email the PDF
Address the hardcopies by postal mail to:
[Credit Suisse Legal Entity Name e.g.: Credit Suisse Services (India) Private Limited]
P2P Invoices/Accounts Payable
Wing 2, Cluster A
EON Free Zone Plot No. 1, S. No. 77
MIDC Knowledge Park, Pune 411014

Supplier invoices can only be submitted as hardcopy invoices.
Invoices can be sent to the relevant Credit Suisse business contact (the person who requested the product/services).
For selected IT suppliers, send your invoice as email attachment to:

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Further Questions

For any invoicing standard process or accounts payable related questions which are not addressed above, the Credit Suisse accounts payable service desk may be contacted as follows (based on the applicable Credit Suisse legal entity’s domicile):