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Our requirement. Responsible suppliers.

To run a global business like ours, we rely on numerous suppliers and service providers. We consider factors like quality and shared values when forming such relationships and strive to work with those who conduct their businesses responsibly. In addition, we have developed a framework to monitor these relationships.


Supplier Code of Conduct and Third Party Risk Management

Credit Suisse strives to conduct its business in an economically, socially and environmentally responsible manner. We seek to ensure a work environment where integrity, fairness and professionalism are central values, as this is essential to our reputation and our brand.

Credit Suisse works with numerous suppliers or service providers from a broad range of sectors. We expect these partners to address risks responsibly and to conduct their business in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. We further expect them to strive for best practice, uphold high standards of ethics, honor the global and local environmental responsibilities and carefully mitigate risk. Our Supplier Code of Conduct (PDF) provides detailed information on these standards and aims to ensure that our external business partners respect human rights, labor rights, employment laws and environmental regulations.

To manage financial, operational and reputational risks and to meet the increasing regulatory requirements governing business relationships with third parties, Credit Suisse introduced the Third Party Risk Management (TPRM) Framework in 2016. Through TPRM, we assess potential environmental, social and labor law-related risks, among others, in connection with third parties. The framework also allows Credit Suisse to continuously monitor these relationships, to raise and track issues, and to thus better understand the associated risks and if necessary demand actions for improvement from suppliers and service providers.


Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions are to apply to any agreement between Credit Suisse and any third-party supplier/vendor where no other formal written agreement has been entered into. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, suppliers' General Terms and Conditions do not apply.

Europe US APAC
  • August 2015 – USA (PDF)
  • August 2015 – APAC (PDF)

Supplier Selection and Engagement

Credit Suisse wants to work with suppliers who share our values to deliver excellent services to our clients. We establish and maintain relationships with small local and large international suppliers, selected on merit.

Our approach of selecting the right supplier for externally sourced goods and services is driven by a combination of sourcing complexity and the strategic or tactical priority of the good or service. Credit Suisse Sourcing & Vendor Management professionals are responsible for identifying, defining, and executing the most appropriate sourcing strategy through close internal collaboration with functional and support experts within the bank as well as the requestors of the service or product.

The suppliers are chosen based on merit to best meet Credit Suisse's strategic objectives. Depending on the approach, most goods and services are sourced from predefined suppliers, supplemented by some local spot-buying.


Supplier Mix and Superior Client Service

Before we enter into business relationships with our suppliers, we carefully conduct an analysis to assess their suitability. Our supplier portfolio is subject to recurring screenings, health-checks, risk assessments, and supplier base optimizations conducted in order to ultimately ensure the best possible service to our banking clients.

All of these sourcing activities are coordinated and overseen by the global Credit Suisse Sourcing & Vendor Management Organization. Leveraging the global structure of our bank, we strive to find the optimal mix of suppliers with local, regional and global capabilities in the worldwide supplier base.

Supplier Diversity

Credit Suisse cares about establishing relationships with business that are often underrepresented in supplying the needs of major corporations. A diverse supply base helps us provide flexible and best-quality solutions at the best price for our clients. We are committed to supplier diversity in order to create and foster relationships with qualified underrepresented businesses, including but not limited to ethnic minority-, women-, lesbian/gay/bisexual and transgender (LGBT)-, disabled- and/or veteran-owned businesses that share our standard of excellence. More information can be found on the dedicated website.


S2P Supplier Information

Credit Suisse has made changes to its Source-​to-Pay (S2P) systems, processes and support arrangements as part of its strategy to simplify its global sourcing, procurement and payment processes.

This is supported by the implementation of following core components of the integrated Sourcing and Vendor Management landscape:

  • Ivalua – Sourcing and Contracting solution
  • CS-​TPM – Third Party Risk Management solution
  • DocuSign – Digital Contract Execution solution
  • MyShop – Procure-​to-Pay platform


Ivalua provides a comprehensive, modular, source-to-order suite. Credit Suisse intends to use this platform with vendors in a collaborative fashion and expects them to participate in the digitalization of its procurement processes.


CS/TPM provides the underlying technology support for Credit Suisse's Third Party Risk Management (TPRM) Program. TPRM plays a critical role in ensuring that Credit Suisse is able to take a risk-based approach to the management of its Third Party relationships and maximizes the business value of Third Party relationships through increased transparency and oversight. TPRM benefits also include an enhanced ability to meet the ever-changing global regulatory framework.



DocuSign is a digital contract execution (DCE) solution that enables contracts to be fully executed without ink signatures. Full signature history is available for audit purposes.


MyShop is a platform that improves efficiency and the supplier experience in the way Credit Suisse processes invoices. For any questions which are not addressed in the "See Also" section, the centralized S2P Service desk may be contacted:

Switzerland & Poland

Office hours are: 08:00 – 17:00 CET

Europe, Middle East*

Office hours are: 08:00 – 17:00 GMT



Office hours are: 08:00 – 14:00 EST

APAC Australia, Hong Kong SAR, China, India, Singapore

Office hours are: 08:00 - 17:00 IST


Office hours are: 08:00 – 17:00 JST

See also

Submitting Invoices to Credit Suisse

Invoices submitted to all Credit Suisse legal entities have to meet Credit Suisse Invoicing Standards (PDF). Depending on the region to where a supplier invoice will be submitted to Credit Suisse, it is possible to send invoices as a PDF to a central email address.

Process changes in 2019

As part of Credit Suisse's goal to improve the accuracy and timeliness of our processes, we made changes to the invoice submission process in the course of 2019. Credit Suisse has informed the suppliers through e-mail communications and regular updates of this Supplier Internet site.

Process changes to invoicing Credit Suisse entities have been implemented according to plan:

Canada, Poland and USA: end of July 2019
Australia, Hong Kong SAR, China, Israel, Netherlands, Singapore,
Sweden, Switzerland and United Kingdom:

September 2019
India and Japan: September 2019
Spain: in October 2019

Invoices to Credit Suisse Legal entities for Australia, Canada, Hong Kong SAR, China, Israel, the Netherlands, Poland, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States of America

The preferred method for the receipt of invoices is by upload through the invoice submission supplier portal.
Send an e-mail to in order to receive details about the registering process.

Invoices to Credit Suisse Legal entities for India

For India, hardcopies and additionally PDF copies of invoice have to be sent to Credit Suisse.

Use: to email the PDF

Address the hardcopies by postal mail to:
[Credit Suisse Legal Entity Name e.g.: Credit Suisse Services (India) Private Limited]
P2P Invoices/Accounts Payable
Wing 2, Cluster A
EON Free Zone Plot No. 1, S. No. 77
MIDC Knowledge Park, Pune 411014


Invoices to Credit Suisse Legal entities for Japan

Supplier invoices can only be submitted as hardcopy invoices.

Invoices can be sent to the relevant Credit Suisse business contact (the person who requested the product/services).

For selected IT suppliers, send your invoice as email attachment to: