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Corporate responsibility. Articles and stories.

Read the latest news and stories on topics related to our corporate responsibility.


Strong Diversity and Inclusion practices are good for business

As part of our ESG research at Credit Suisse we have regularly analysed the topic of workplace diversity and correlations of corporate performance. In CS Gender 3000, we showed that increased gender diversity at senior management and board level coincides with superior share-price performance. Workplace diversity and inclusion can be expanded beyond gender to also include: sexual orientation, age, ethnicity, race and socio-economic factors. Our LGBT 350 analysis investigates the performance of companies with strong diversity and inclusion practices. We found that a basket of 350 LGBT friendly companies performed better in terms of financial performance and share price performance than the MSCI AC World index for the same period.

Coming together in the crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting Switzerland more profoundly than anything else in recent decades. But this new worry, which tops the lists of people's concerns, is also bringing the Swiss together.

We need to stand together as a country, despite COVID-19

Public confidence in the Federal Council has grown enormously. But expectations are also high – for the Council to guide Switzerland safely through the COVID-19 crisis. An interview with Federal Councillor Guy Parmelin, conducted by Manuel Rybach.

Growing need for security and safety

Security and safety concerns have risen in the rankings as a result of the pandemic. By contrast, the impact on trust in Swiss institutions has been relatively small. A majority of respondents view the economic situation quite positively, but the number of people who worry about losing their jobs is growing.

Time to rethink retirement

Voter priorities are clear and their impatience is mounting: They want answers and results.

Structuring financial flows sustainably

More and more people are looking for an environmentally and socially sustainable economy. The financial industry has a key role to play here. And the right framework conditions are accelerating the process.

Does "Switzerland first" make sense economically?

International integration is the bedrock of Switzerland's prosperity. Rather than engaging in a strategy of isolation and autonomy, the need to improve our security of supply is best filled by economic openness.

Why the post-pandemic recovery must be green

The economic shock from the COVID-19 pandemic has spurred interest in finding ways to stimulate economies and create jobs while addressing social priorities such as climate change. In Credit Suisse's latest podcast on its long-term investment themes known as Supertrends, Brian Blackstone talks to Eugène Klerk, Head of ESG Research at Credit Suisse, about why the global economy needs green stimulus, which sectors will benefit from it, and why – after years of talking about green-focused stimulus without much follow-up – this time things may actually be different.

SDGs put impact at the heart of sustainable investing

Sustainable investing has a long history and has evolved considerably in recent decades. Today, we are witnessing a shift from ESG exclusion and integration-only approaches towards the inclusion of thematic and impact-aligned approaches.

2020 Credit Suisse Youth Barometer: Turbulent political situation is leaving its mark – COVID-19 measures largely regarded as positive

The topics discussed in the media and by politicians in recent months matter to the younger generation: Sustainability and equality are now seen by them as key issues. Young people have developed a new political awareness and want clear solutions. However, they are not calling for a revolution. Current uncertainties around the world – from the coronavirus crisis to concerns about poverty in old age – are causing young people to become more cautious.
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