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Corporate responsibility. Articles and stories.

Read the latest news and stories on topics related to our corporate responsibility.


Scaling up facilities to capture, store and utilize carbon

With an acceleration in the number of countries moving towards net zero 2050 objectives, the main existing technologies for carbon capture storage and utilization offer an important component in a suite of initiatives to limit global warming. For very carbon intensive industries, where new technologies to minimize or avoid carbon emissions may take decades to develop, capital flows to scale up carbon capture facilities can accelerate the pace of reducing carbon emissions in the face of climate change.

Smart farming: New face of agriculture

A growing demand for food is bringing about changes in agriculture, which will mainly be evidenced in precision farming.

Sustainable food supply chain

Savings along the food supply chain translate to both environmental and economic benefits. Upcycling food, reducing food miles (i.e. the distance food travels before it reaches the customer), or cutting down on food waste can greatly benefit the food companies and the planet.

The ROE of a tree

Planting trees could be a profitable activity, not least for farmers.

Sustainable food: the investment case

For businesses and investors, sustainable food will give rise to both opportunities and disruption.

Credit Suisse making progress against our sustainability ambitions

On April 21, 2021, Credit Suisse was announced, alongside other industry leaders, as a founding member of the United Nation's "Net Zero Banking Alliance" and the "Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero". These important initiatives, led by Mark Carney, UN Special Envoy on Climate Action and Finance, support collaboration and highlight the critical role financial institutions and capital markets play in accelerating the transition of the global economy to net zero.

Investing for the long-term after the pandemic – Credit Suisse

Credit Suisse has developed six long-term investment themes known as the Supertrends. These important multi-year trends help investors identify fast-growing business opportunities at an early stage and help them grow their capital over the long term.

Sustainability: Consumers in emerging markets ready for change

With sustainability and ESG issues coming to the fore, sustainable disruption is on the way in the emerging countries. The Emerging consumer survey 2021 indicates a shift toward a more sustainable, healthier, and environmentally friendly lifestyle.

How low-carbon investing can help fight climate change

Low-carbon investing approaches are gaining interest as investors focus on sustainability. Investors of all types can make an impact by investing in climate solutions at an early stage and using their power as a shareholder to push for change.

Investing for a low-carbon economy

What does investing for a low-carbon economy mean? In our latest podcast, Brian Blackstone discusses a new white paper, The decarbonizing portfolio, with Marisa Drew, Chief Sustainability Officer at Credit Suisse, and James Gifford, Head Impact Advisory, to find out more about low-carbon investing and how investors can use their capital to make an impact on climate change.
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