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Corporate responsibility. Articles and stories.

Read the latest news and stories on topics related to our corporate responsibility.


Measure what matters. Impact investing and social change.

Jasjit Singh, Academic Director at INSEAD Social Impact Initiative argues that, as well as meeting academic goals, impact must be measured by its effect on society. 

New impact investing business models are changing education

Industry expert Julia Balandina Jaquier explains how impact investing can introduce a new way of doing business and provide scalable and sustainable investment in education.

Loans with the help of satellite images. A start-up solution.

How does a corn farmer in East Africa prove his creditworthiness? A start-up has come up with a solution for connecting remote regions to the rest of the world. The only requirement? A mobile phone.

Philanthropy's ability to heal

Solving the largest threats to global health cannot be achieved in isolation. A myriad of approaches will be needed to make progress in making the world a healthier place. Find out how the interplay of philanthropy, public capital and private investment is making all the difference.

Future Skills: A new Credit Suisse Corporate Citizenship Initiative

Almost 200 million people are looking for work worldwide, while automation sows fear of stagnating wages and disappearing jobs. Manuel Rybach, Global Head of Corporate Citizenship & Foundations, Credit Suisse, in a conversation with Guy Ryder, Director General of the International Labour Organization (ILO), about work, the gap between skills needed and skills offered, and the digital industrial revolution. 

Social entrepreneurs: Innovative ideas benefit the ocean

Marisa Drew, CEO of the Impact Advisory and Finance department, Credit Suisse, in a conversation with Javier Goyeneche, founder of Ecoalf, a sustainable fashion company.

Plastic pollution. Time to tackle the problem with new business ideas.

Food, cosmetics, domestic products – most of these come in plastic containers. Designed for a single use, yet virtually indestructible. Can we find an environmentally friendly replacement?

Fashion and the circular economy.

The throwaway culture has penetrated many – if not all – industries. Fashion has been particularly prone to it, developing so-called "fast fashion" with a devastating environmental impact. Today, more and more people are trying to reverse this trend by applying a zero-waste philosophy and participating in a circular economy.

Credit Suisse honored by Room to Read

Tidjane Thiam, Credit Suisse CEO, accepted Room to Read's "Champion Award" on behalf of Credit Suisse and our many employees who have given their time and resources to impact the lives of more than 138,000 children around the globe.

"Nobody has a monopoly on the truth"

The state of the world Geostrategist Fareed Zakaria analyzes the rise of Asia and the post-American world order. He cautions against what he calls illiberal democracy and the erosion of constitutional rights. And he answers the question of how Western countries can better interact with those nations that are on the losing end of globalization.
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