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Listing information and indices

Ticker symbols and selected stock indices.

Ticker symbols and stock exchange listings

Ticker symbols Common shares ADS1
SIX Financial Information CSGN
New York Stock Exchange CS
Bloomberg CSGN SW CS US
Reuters CSGN.S CS.N
Stock exchange listings    
Swiss security number 1213853 570660
ISIN number CH0012138530 US2254011081
CUSIP number   225 401 108
ICB/GICS Industry Financials
ICB/GICS Sector Banks

1 One American Depositary Share (ADS) represents one common share.

Selected Indices

The Credit Suisse Group share is part of numerous stock indices, some of which are listed below:

Index Name Bloomberg Ticker Region
Swiss Market Index (SMI) SMI Index Switzerland
Swiss Performance Index (SPI) SPI Index Switzerland
Swiss Leader Index (SLI) SLI Index Switzerland
SMI Expanded Index SMIEXP Index Switzerland
Swiss Exchange Market Sector Bank Price Return Index SMBAKX Index Switzerland
Bloomberg World Index BWORLD Index Multi-national
Bloomberg World EMEA Index BWORLDEU Index Europe
Bloomberg World Financial Index BWFINL Index Multi-national
Bloomberg Banks Index BWBANK Index Multi-national
Bloomberg World Europe Financial Index BEUFINL Index Europe
Bloomberg EMEA Banks Index BEUBANK Index Europe
Bloomberg European 500 Index BE500 Index Europe
Bloomberg Europe Banks and Financial Services Index BEBANKS Index Europe
Bloomberg European Financial Index BEFINC Index Europe
Dow Jones Switzerland Titans 30 Index CH30 Index Switzerland
Dow Jones Banks Titans 30 Index DJTBAK Index Multi-national
FTSE Eurotop 100 Index E100 Index Europe
MSCI Pan-Euro Index MSPE Index Europe
S&P Global 100 Index OOI Index Multi-national
S&P Global 1200 Index SPGLOB Index Multi-national
S&P Global 1200 Financials SGFS Index Multi-national
S&P Euro Plus Index SPEP Index Europe
S&P Europe 350 Index SPEURO Index Europe
S&P Europe 350 Financials Index SPEURO40 Index Europe
STOXX Large (Price) Index LCXP Index Europe
STOXX 50 (Price) Index SX5P Index Europe
STOXX 600 Banks (Price) Index SX7P Index Europe
STOXX Europe 600 (Price) Index SXXP Index Europe
International Herald Tribune Finance Index TRFIN Index Multi-national
International Herald Tribune World Stock Index TRIB Index Multi-national
International Herald Tribune Switzerland Index TRIBSW Index Switzerland