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Global Women's Financial Forum

The Credit Suisse Global Women's Financial Forum brings together industry thought leaders and influential women from various disciplines and industries, providing a platform to enable the exchange of diverse ideas and perspectives. The forum aims to encourage discussions around actionable, impactful ideas centered on important and relevant topics across digitalization, sustainability, leadership, diversity & inclusion, investment and macroeconomics.

Upcoming events

M&A v2.0: Have SPACs fundamentally changed the art of the deal? | November 18

Healthcare Reimagined: A Post-COVID View | December 9



2020 Global Summit

For 2020, Credit Suisse is building on the strong regional event programs and engagement by introducing a virtual Global Summit under the theme "The Power of Transformation" from September 29 – October 1. Across all Global Women's Financial Forum events, Credit Suisse will aim to bring together influential female leaders from across business, government, civil society and academia to collaborate, debate and fuel idea-generation to address some of the world's most pressing issues.

Our summit this year features keynote speakers Dr. Condoleezza Rice, US Secretary of State (2005-2009) and Dr. Janet L. Yellen, Chair, Board of Governors, US Federal Reserve System (2014–2018).

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2020 Global Summit event highlights 

  • Dr. Condoleezza Rice, US Secretary of State (2005-2009)
  • Purpose Driven Leadership: Creating Positive Change
  • Finding Alpha and Closing the Investment Gap
  • Dr. Janet L. Yellen, Chair, Board of Governors, US Federal Reserve System (2014–2018)
  • A Paradigm Shift in Fashion
  • Leadership in the Age of Digital Transformation
  • Mellody Hobson, Co-Chief Executive Officer and President, Ariel Investments
  • At the Crossroads of Climate Change
  • Transforming Companies through Diversity and Inclusion


September 29

September 30

October 1


Please click HERE for the detailed agenda.

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Diverse Perspectives podcast

As part of the Global Women's Financial Forum, our Diverse Perspectives podcast brings together insights from thought leaders to address the world’s most pressing issues. Listen to our first episode on Courageous allyship: Why now is the moment to be bold.

Hosted by Lydie Hudson, CEO, Sustainability, Research and Investment Solutions, Credit Suisse, featuring Della Sabessar, Head of D&I, Credit Suisse and Lisa Skeete Tatum, Founder and CEO of Landit.


Forum history

The Forum was created in 2017 with the first live summit in New York, and then extended to London to showcase the expertise of women in finance and business, as well as advance female thought leadership and career development. Throughout the years, our panels have featured many exceptional women, including but not limited to: Madeleine Albright (first female United States Secretary of State 1997 − 2001); Arianna Huffington (founder and CEO of Thrive Global); Barbara Novick (Vice Chairman and co-founder of BlackRock) and Melanie Whelan (former CEO of SoulCycle).

2020 Global Summit panels

Inspiring keynotes, interactive panels and exclusive roundtables feature field experts with the aim of discussing thought-engaging topics across our defined panels to share our extensive thought leadership and expertise.

The health and economic crises of 2020 have underlined the importance of leadership in the public and private sectors. What creates the most impactful leaders and companies? How do executives define their purpose and put it to work? This panel explores inspiring and leading in a complex environment.

  • Finding Alpha and Closing the Investment Gap

The lower-for-longer interest rate environment is eroding risk-averse investors' ability to build capital. While the share of global wealth held by women has been increasing, their tendency toward risk-aversion may prolong or even accentuate the still-significant investment gap. How are top global investors navigating these trends and generating alpha?  

Emerging digital technologies are transforming the world industry-by-industry. This panel explores what transformation means for leadership, how it can change strategic thinking and how the pandemic has accelerated the pace of digitalization.

The fashion industry continually reinvents itself to meet ever-changing tastes. As more and more people consume sustainably, this panel explores the fashion industry's response; from re-examining supply chains to advances in material science and new sustainability-focused business models.

Climate change will determine global security for generations to come. In this panel we take a closer look at the most pressing risks and why energy transition is central to curbing climate change. We also explore how investors can take an active role in improving outcomes for our planet.  

  • Transforming Companies through Diversity and Inclusion

With current events increasing awareness for the dire need for change within companies and society, leaders will discuss and debate the role of companies and investors impacting short- and long-term change.

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2020 Forum event calendar details

M&A v2.0: Have SPACs fundamentally changed the art of the deal? | November 18


Healthcare Reimagined: A Post-COVID View | December 9