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Asian Investment Conference 2023

Stuart Nicholls

CEO, Strike Energy Limited

Stuart Nicholls

Stuart Nicholls joined Strike as its Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director in early 2017. Mr. Nicholls has led the transformation of Strike from its exploration roots into one of Australia’s first integrated developers of gas, renewable energy and fertilisers. Mr. Nicholls has a broad-ranging background across the energy landscape that included time in the up- and downstreams at Royal Dutch Shell across most disciplines primarily from within Royal Dutch Shell’s gas businesses. He has a key focus on the transition of our energy system and is committed to lead Strike to Net Zero 2030. Mr. Nicholls’ previous experience also includes six years with the Australian Army in senior leadership positions.He has worked in Australia, The Netherlands, Myanmar and Malaysia in corporate and operational capacities and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from the University of Western Australia.