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Asian Investment Conference 2023

Sami Jauhiainen

Vice President Asia Pacific, Renewable Aviation, Neste

Sami Jauhiainen

Sami Jauhainen is Vice President, Business Development at Neste. Mr. Jauhiainen leads Neste’s sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) business in the Asia Pacific region. His focus is on developing the market for SAF and building supply chains and partnerships to grow its availability in the region. Mr. Jauhiainen is also working together with public and private stakeholders in developing credible roadmaps for the decarbonization of aviation. Hehas been with Neste since 2013, holding various leadership roles in strategy and business development. Before joining Neste, Mr. Jauhiainen worked in energy investment banking in London, advising customers in the global energy sector on mergers & acquisitions and capital markets transactions. He is passionate about business opportunities serving the purpose of creating a healthier planet for our children.