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Asian Investment Conference 2022

Rimas Kairaitis

Managing Director, Alpha HPA Limited

Rimas Kairaitis

Rimas Kairaitis is Managing Director of Alpha HPA Limited, an Australia-based technology company which is developing the HPA First Project, to produce ultra high purity aluminium materials for key decarbonizing industries including lithium-ion batteries and LED lighting. Mr. Kairaitis has 25 years of experience in mineral exploration and project development in gold, base metals and specialty materials. He has been closely involved in the commercial and technical development of the Alpha HPA process for producing ultra-pure battery chemicals and high purity alumina.

Prior to his role with Alpha HPA, Mr. Kairaitis spent 10-years as Founding Managing Director and CEO of ASX-listed Aurelia Metals. Mr. Kairaitis has commercial and corporate development experience across a range of industries. He is currently Non-Executive Director of Sky Metals Limited, an ASX- listed public company focused on the exploration and development of mineral resources in Australia. He is also a member of the Australian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy.

Mr. Kairaitis received a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Science from the University of Technology Sydney.