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Asian Investment Conference 2022

Richard Jagger

CEO and Managing Director, Bio-Gene Technology Limited

Richard Jagger

Richard Jagger is CEO and Managing Director at Bio-Gene Technology Limited, an Australian agtech company enabling the next generation of novel insecticides. Mr Jagger joined Bio-Gene’s board in April 2017 and became CEO and Managing Director in January 2018.

Prior to joining Bio-Gene, he co-created the Australian subsidiary of Sinochem – one of the largest crop protection companies in China – in his role as Managing Director. He has over 25 years of experience in the agricultural sector, having worked for Fortune 500 companies around the world. While at Monsanto, he managed the introduction of Australia’s first agricultural biotechnology products into the cotton sector, with traits designed to produce in-plant insecticidal proteins and herbicide tolerance. Mr Jagger’s experience as a senior executive for international companies has allowed him to gain extensive knowledge of the local and global agriculture industry.

Mr Jagger was previously a board member of Crop Life Australia, and is a director of Victoria’s Cleantech Cluster, designed to support, consolidate and promote clean, sustainable technology for use in Australia and around the world. He is also a director of Agriculture Victoria Services (AVS), which provides expert intellectual property management, commercialization, research and development collaboration and technology investment services to maximize the adoption and impact of AVS’ research capabilities and IP assets.