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Asian Investment Conference 2023

Pranav Mistry

Founder and CEO, TWO; former CEO, Samsung Advanced Research

Kyna Wong

Pranav Mistry is Founder and CEO of TWO, a deep tech company focused on building interactive and immersive experiences with artificial intelligence (AI). In particular, he is excited about realizing possibilities at the intersection of AI and the metaverse.  
Mr. Mistry is a pioneer in the field of augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR), AI and robotics. He previously served as Corp. Senior Vice President for Samsung Electronics and President and CEO of Samsung Technology and Advanced Research. At Samsung, he led the research, development and launch of Galaxy Watch, Gear 360, Bixby AR and Project NEON. 
Mr. Mistry has also worked at Microsoft, Google, UNESCO, JST and NASA, and is an alumnus of MIT, IIT Bombay and Gujarat University. He recently founded MistryLand, a non-profit focused on preserving nature and culture.