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Asian Investment Conference 2022

Prajit Nanu

Founder and CEO, Nium

Prajit Nanu

Prajit Nanu is Founder and CEO of Nium. Based in the company’s San Francisco co-headquarters, Mr Nanu is currently focused on expanding the breadth, depth, and reach of the Nium platform, creating more ways for money to move fast, safe, and easy.

Nium’s first service was its business-to-consumer service, Instarem, which is currently helping consumers and small businesses move billions of dollars around the world. Mr Nanu was responsible for setting up Nium’s operations in Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, the UK, and the U.S. Today, Nium operates in 17 countries, providing clients with the ability to send money to more than 190 countries, receive money in 35 countries, and issue cards in 33 markets. Under Mr Nanu’s leadership, Nium has won several accolades, including being named twice on CB Insights’ Fintech 250 and the Financial Times list of High-Growth Companies.

Prior to co-founding Nium, Mr Nanu held leadership positions in various global organizations. He was Global Sales Director at TMF Group, a multinational professional services firm headquartered in Amsterdam, and was Vice President of Sales and Account Management at WNS Global Services, a business process management company.

Mr Nanu holds a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce & Economics from the University of Mumbai.