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Asian Investment Conference 2023

Philip Siu

CEO, EcoCeres

Philip Siu

Mr. Philip Siu is the Co-founder and CEO of EcoCeres, Inc. – an Advanced Bio-refinery Platform with strong R&D capability and excellent ESG performance. Mr. Siu obtained his Bachelor and Master of Arts Degrees from Cambridge University in the 80s’, and completed the Harvard Business School’s Advanced Management Program in 2016.

In his past 38 years of career history, Mr. Siu has led and achieved several ground-breaking milestones. At the turn of the new millennium, Mr. Siu led the design, construction and operation of an Aviation Fuel Tank Farm, the largest in scale of its kind in the world, under a 40 Years’ Franchise with the HK Airport Authority. 

In 2008, Mr. Siu developed from ground the New Energy business platform, which aims to develop innovative solutions to upgrade low-value feedstock to high-value products.  Sustainable biomass is a key choice of feedstock, and from that a new and independent business platform – EcoCeres evolved in 2021, of which Mr Siu is the founding CEO. EcoCeres has a strategic focus on the conversion of waste-based biomass into a wide spectrum of biofuels, bio-chemicals and bio-materials, and is now one of the leading suppliers of renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel. EcoCeres aspires to becoming a global leader in providing de-carbonization solutions much needed by the world to attain carbon neutrality.